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We can not express how much our repeat clients we have entertained over the past 6 years mean to us. We can, however, give you guys a killer deal. We are offering the same Friends/Family/Employee discount we share & early access to our 6th Annual Buy One, Get One Free Sale. We have capped this exclusive offer to 10 units of each tour type. Once we sell out we will no longer offer this deal. On November 1st we will officially kick off our BOOG sale which runs through January 1st.  Our friends and family offer is our deepest discount and the best rates we have and will ever offer. Once these vouchers are gone they are gone! 

Our Best 2020 Tour Season Offer Guarantee

All Tour packages - Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
- Passenger Add On - Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
- Elite Supercar Upgrade - Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
- Free Split Fee
- Free Photo Package ($49 Value per voucher)

We did a similar sale last year which did not include Free Elite Car Upgrades and Free Photography. We were sold out prior to the launch of the BOGO sale. Our Pre-Sale also gives our team the opportunity to work out logistics prior to our full marketing push. We want to thank everyone for their continued support! 

What’s included in the Pre-Paid Vouchers:

Two - Tour Vouchers
Two - Elite Supercar Upgrades
Two - Pre-paid Fuel and Maintenance charges
Two - Passenger Fees
Two - Digital Photo Packages
- Split Fee Waived - You can use the voucher on the same day

* You may use vouchers anytime in 2020 no blackout dates (See FAQ)
**Friend’s & Family exclusive BOGO Sale ends when we sell out of limited supply of vouchers or Sunday October 20th whichever comes first.

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We have simplified our BOGO offer this year with 5 Tour Package options. 25 Mile Tour and above packages can be used for tours operating Monday - Saturday, while 15 Mile Tours can be used Monday - Thursday. We do run our tours year round and advanced reservation is recommended. If you purchase one of our physical Gift Cards you will receive an Oxotic greeting card, envelope and a Matte Black Oxitic Gift card mounted to the greeting card. It makes for an awesome presentation! We will also send you an electronic gift card for safe keeping.

Fuel & Maintenance Fees: We are now including the Fuel and Maintenance fee with all BOGO vouchers to simplify the process for your gift recipient.

Vehicle Selection: You may use your BOGO Gift Voucher to reserve any of our Base Supercar Group Vehicles. If you would like to select a car(s) from the Elite Supercar Group, you can pay the upgrade fee at the time of booking your reservation or add 1 or 2 Elite Supercar Upgrades to the BOGO vouchers. 

15 Mile: **
25 Mile: $100
35 Mile: $150
65 Mile: $200
105 Mile: $200

Splitting BOGO Vouchers: If your plan is to split the BOGO between two gift recipients or if you're keeping one and giving one as a gift. We recommend choosing the Split offer. We will send you two unique electronic gift voucher codes and Gift voucher card sets. 

Use Restriction: You can use the BOGO gift vouchers Monday - Saturday anytime in 2019 based on availability (15 Mile Tour are Monday - Thursday only). We do not typically operate on Major Holidays due to congestion and traffic in the mountains and state/national parks. BOGO Vouchers can not be used for corporate or group events.

Add a Passenger: You may add a passenger to your BOGO voucher now or at the time reservation is made. Passenger fees are not offered as a BOGO. 

** Elite Supercar Group does not go out on 15 Mile tours