Monday - Thursday BOGO Packages

from 125.00

Based on customer feedback we are opening up a handful of Weekday only (Monday-Thursday) vouchers with pre-paid fuel for both tours. *Limited to 25 Vouchers per tour type. Once they are sold out they are sold out!

You will get 2 Pre-paid Base Car Group tour vouchers that can be used on two separate days Monday - Thursday in the 2019 calendar year.

These vouchers do not include passenger fees, Elite Supercar upgrades (You can add the elite car upgrade Scroll further down on the page). If you would like to Split this voucher or add passenger you can call our sales number at 855-484-1550 to have a custom package created.

Fuel & Maintenance Pre-Paid/Included
Limited Quantity Available

Tour Length:
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Monday - Saturday BOGO Packages


Physical & Electronic Gift Voucher

When you purchase one of our physical Gift Cards you will receive an Oxotic greeting card, envelope and a Matte Black Oxotic Gift card mounted handsomely to the greeting card. It makes for an awesome presentation! As a bonus, We will also send you an electronic gift card for safe keeping.

From here you have a few options. Our 2019 Season BOGO voucher is good for two Base Supercar Rally tours which may be used on 2 separate days during the 2019 Season (We operate 12 months a year). 

*We recommend that you scroll to the bottom of this page and read our FAQ.

Option 1: Choose a Buy One Get One Tour Voucher Type
Option 2: Choose Either “Driver Only” or “Driver & Passenger”
Option 3: Choose to Split Voucher if giving to two separate participants

You can Split the voucher so that two people can use the vouchers on the same day. If you do not split the voucher you must use the two vouchers on two separate days.

We are celebrating our 5th Annual Holiday BOGO Sale! In fact it’s a sale that people anticipate all year long! It’s our annual Buy 1 Supercar Tour voucher, get the second voucher FREE sale. This is a limited time sale and we do SELL OUT every year. We recommend that you buy early. If you are unfamiliar with our tours and how they operate, you have been missing out! Our Rally Tour has been experienced by over 25,000 participants. We have 1000’s of 5 star reviews given on all of the major crowd sourced travel platforms. There is a reason we are often referred to as “THE BEST GIFT EVER!” We have received the 5 Star Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor 5 straight years. Let us show you why!

from 125.00

We allow you to configure your voucher to meet your needs. It's simple purchase one of our Tour Packages and we give you a second package of equal value FREE! 

  1. You will receive TWO 2019 Season “Base Supercar Group Rally Vouchers” valid Monday-Saturday for the price of 1.
    *Two - 15 Mile Tour Vouchers valid Monday-Thursday for the price of 1

  2. You can add Passengers to your 2 vouchers.

  3. You can Split the voucher so that two people can use the vouchers on the same day. If you do not split the voucher you must use the two vouchers on two separate days. *Ideal for giving your BOGO purchase to two different gift recipients. We will send you two unique gift voucher gift packs.

Pick a Tour Length:
Add a Passenger to each of your packages?:
Do you want to use both vouchers on the same day?:
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15 Mile Tour :
Less than 43 Vouchers remaining
25 Mile Tour:
Less than 18 Vouchers remaining
35 Mile TOUR
Less than 9 Vouchers remaining
65 Mile Tour
Less than 12 Vouchers remaining
105 Mile Tour
Less than 5 Vouchers remaining


from 80.00

You will receive one (1) Elite Supercar Upgrade Voucher. If you wish to upgrade both of the BOGO vouchers purchased, you must choose two Elite Supercar Upgrade Vouchers.

*Upgrades are Tour (mile) Specific and must match the tour type to be used. You Must have a tour packaged purchased in order to use an Elite Supercar Upgrade.

Tour Type:
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CALL 855.484.1550 or USE THE LIVE CHAT

Monetary Gift Cards

2019 SEASON BOGO - GIft Card $100 - $1,000
from 50.00

You found our biggest sale of the year! Not sure which package to purchase? You can purchase a monetary gift voucher and we will double the value during our BOGO sale! 


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Can be redeemed anytime in 2019
- Can only be used to purchase Driving or Ride Along tour packages
- Can not be combined with any other offer
- Not valid for merchandise purchases
- Not Valid for Group or Corporate Event Payment



For the past 5 years we have given back to our customers during the  holidays, by offering a limited number of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tour vouchers

  • You will get Two Base Supercar Tours for the the price of One

  • NEW THIS YEAR: Fuel & Maintenance Fee per voucher is included with purchase.

  • Standard BOGO voucher is good for one driver per voucher. Passenger fee is an additional cost.

  • Reservation required in advance

  • No blackout restrictions apply

  • 25, 35, 65, & 105 Mile Tours Valid Monday-Saturday - 2019

  • 15 Mile Tour Valid Monday-Thursday - 2019

  • Valid January 1st - December 31st 2019

  • **Voucher will expire December 31st 2019

  • Can Not be used towards Group/Corporate Event payment

If you are unfamiliar with our Supercar Rally Tour, our FAQ will provide you with answers to many of the questions you may have. We get questions all day long if you can not find the information here please feel to join us on Live Chat found on the bottom right hand corner of this page or call us at 855.484.1550.

We want your gift to be memorable, with that said we will include an Oxotic Greeting Card, Hard plastic matte black Oxotic gift card, several postcards, stickers and an 8GB Oxotic Branded USB Lanyard with your purchase. When you split the BOGO gift voucher you will get 2 sets delivered.

We know you will love our Supercar Rally Tour Experience!

What is a Rally Style Tour?: Now in our 5th year in business, our “Rally Style Tour” has become very popular and has received notoriety from around the world! We put you behind the wheel of one or multiple Supercars throughout our tour. Up to 10 Supercars go out in a single file formation following a lead vehicle that sets a spirited pace on a pre-set route.


How do I use my pre-paid BOGO voucher or make a reservation? We now offer online reservations using your BOGO Gift Voucher. You will be asked to provide the redemption code towards the end of your online booking. or call us at 855.484.1550.

I have questions and can I order over the phone? YES! 855.484.1550 | You can also order in person at our office in Golden.

I purchased or was gifted a BOGO voucher can I upgrade to a longer tour? Yes, you can. Just pay the difference per voucher. You can not make these reservations through our website you would need to call us at 855.484.1550 in order to book the reservation.

Are there age Restrictions? You must be 21+ to drive and listed on a full coverage automotive insurance policy. Not quite sure what this means, call us 855.484.1550 There are no age restrictions to be a passenger, except you must be over 25 years old to bring a passenger under 25 y/o.

Can I use the BOGO voucher before January 1st 2019? No, BOGO vouchers sold during the Annual 2018 BOGO Sale can only be used during the 2019 Season. January 1st 2019 through December 31st 2019.

Why do we offer a BOGO Sale?: We get this question often. We do it for several reasons. This sale started in an effort to help fill seats in our tours where we need multiple cars to go out for full price paying customers that want to cycle through a number of Supercars. We also feel this is a great way to give back to our local customers that join our Rally Tours several times throughout the year. At this point in our evolution we are entertaining about 5,000 guests a year. We could not have had incredible growth without our loyal clients! Chalk this sale up to a BIG THANK YOU!

Base Supercar Vs. Elite Supercar?: We are asked why do we offer two level of Supercars. We do this for several reasons. On our 105 Mile Tour and 65 Mile tours, you get to cycle through multiple cars. It would be impossible to get our guests through every Supercar that goes out on sold out tours. So this gives us a way to break up the cars at stopping points. Base Supercars switch with other Base, etc. Our Elite Supercars are reserved at a higher cost, because these cars are our most expensive cars to acquire and maintain.

How many BOGO vouchers can I buy?: You can purchase an unlimited number of BOGO vouchers for yourself or as a gift. We do restrict the number of vouchers used on a single tour. Meaning if you buy a BOGO voucher for a 65 Mile tour, then you and a friend want to use it for the same tour on the same day. You will need to split the voucher. Otherwise, a BOGO voucher can be used for the 65 Mile tour on two separate days.

When does the sale end? Our BOGO sale is offered through the end of the year or when we sell out. We have a limited number of vouchers we sell every year. We have a magic formula for this. If you pay attention to the sale you will see the vouchers go dark when they sell out. Our advice is buy early. You get one full year to use the voucher from January 1st 2019 not the purchase date!

Can I give my two vouchers to two different people?: Yes you can, however we recommend splitting the voucher. That way we will send you two gift cards with two unique voucher codes. It really makes for less of a hassle for the recipients sharing a single BOGO voucher code.

When can I use the BOGO gift voucher?: The Sale starts sometime in November and typically ends prior to the end of the year. You have one full year to use your vouchers starting January 1st 2019. We do not have black out dates or weekend restrictions. Keep in mind we do not operate on major Holidays since the roads are so congested. We also do not operate in in climate weather. However, we do operate year round.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.59.26 PM.png

Do you offer refunds: Unfortunately, due to the limited number of vouchers sold and the incredible deal we offer, we can not accept refunds on voucher purchases. You can however, gift your vouchers to anyone.

When will my voucher be mailed/emailed? We process most vouchers same day (Physical & Electronic). If purchased on a Sunday or after 3PM your voucher will go out the next business day. All mailed vouchers are shipped with a trackable United States Postal tracking number. We do ship USPS Priority mail which typically delivers your package in 1-3 business days. We do offer local pickup at our Golden office. 791 Pine Ridge Rd. Golden CO 80403.

Do I drive? Yes, you can drive or we can have an instructor drive a ride along passenger. (Minor or Adult)

Do I drive the same car the whole time? On our 15, 25 & 35 Mile tour you drive the car that you reserve. On our 65 & 105 Mile tours you have an opportunity to drive multiple cars throughout the tour. This is all dependent on the participation for the tour you are scheduled for. If we have low participation there is a chance you will only drive 2 cars from your group. We recommend selecting a date that we have prior reservations already scheduled.



What is the Fuel & Maintenance fee for?: We use this fee to cover consumable costs such as Fuel (@ 6-8MPG), Tire wear, brake pads, etc.. This fee is only a subsidized cost of what is actually consumed on your tour. Not to mention the depreciation of the vehicle. BOGO Vouchers include this fee, however the fee is not buy one get one free.

15 Mile: $15
25 Mile: $25
35 Mile: $25
65 Mile: $40
105 Mile: $50

Vehicle Selection: You may use your BOGO Gift Voucher to reserve any of our Base Supercar Group Vehicles. If you would like to select a car(s) from the Elite Supercar Group, you can pay the upgrade fee at the time of booking your reservation. 

15 Mile: **
25 Mile: $100
35 Mile: $150
65 Mile: $200
105 Mile: $200

** Elite Supercar Group is not offered on 15 Mile tours
Splitting BOGO Vouchers: If your plan is to split the BOGO between two gift recipients or if you're keeping one and giving one as a gift. We recommend choosing the Split offer. We will send you two unique electronic gift voucher codes and Gift voucher card sets. 

15 Mile: $25
25 Mile: $25
35 Mile: $25
65 Mile: $50
105 Mile: $50

Use Restriction: You can use the BOGO gift vouchers Monday - Saturday anytime in 2019 based on availability (15 Mile Tours are Monday - Thursday only). We do not typically operate on Major Holidays due to congestion and traffic in the mountains and state/national parks. BOGO Vouchers can not be used for corporate or group events.

Add a Passenger: You may add a passenger to your BOGO voucher now or at the time reservation is made. Passenger fees are not offered as a BOGO.

15 Mile: $50
25 Mile: $75
35 Mile: $75
65 Mile: $100
105 Mile: $200