How do you make a Corvette look like a Ferrari? You skip that garish, unconvincing bodykit and stick an engine under its big glass rear window, that's how. Then you profit. P

That's what this Craigslister in Los Angeles is hoping to do, anyway. Up for grabs for a mere $8,000 is his 1985 Corvette, which sports that rare RMMR (rear, mock mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive) layout. Yes, this is a 'Vette with a fake engine in the trunk. Looks like an LT1 to us, but we weren't sure. P

Regardless of what engine it's supposed to be, this Corvette is downright wonderful. Even the seller concedes that the car "gets lots of looks" while continuing to be a "fun car to drive." P

This Fantastic Corvette Has The Rare 'Mock Mid-Engine' Setup

By Eric Sandoval

Well, call me crazy, but I think $8k is a steal for a twin-engine Corvette. Even if one of them is fake. P