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It can cost several hundred - even several thousand - dollars a day to rent an exotic car, but that's a pittance compared to buying one. Renting an exotic car or luxury car can be a fun perk on a work trip, a special-occasion splurge, or an extended test drive before committing to a six-figure price tag. Have you taken your turn in a rented Ferrari or Rolls? Was it worth the cash to live the life for a week, or did you grumble every time you had to hit the gas station? Tells us all about it -- the good, the bad, and the wicked fast.


Worth every penny and in miami the best prices are at dynasty luxury rental i shoped around and they had the best price by a lot of diffrence
—Guest Cristian

renting an exotic

when you rent an exotic, don't get stuck eyeballing the price sheet. You came to drive ,so just look see which one makes your heart beat fast and your hands start to sweat. Are you still thinking about the cost? Understand money is a tool to be used for life changing experiences.
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Worth every penny if you get a deal like the one I got from i95 Exotics. they gave me a lamborghini for 3 days for $1900. that is the lowest price i have seen. check their website www.i95exotic.com
—Guest sami

Yes, it IS worth it!

Once you get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and take it up to speed on the highway, you realize, you would have paid even MORE to rent it! I was so white knuckled the first few miles - The reaction from people on the highway was priceless. I really did feel like a Hollywood mega star! When I stopped to get a cup of coffee, I was literally shaking because of the adrenaline rush! A flock of people surrounded me and the car asking question after question! This was the most fun I've had in a LONG time and I think everyone should spend at least a day in their dream car! Thanks to DFW Elite Auto Rental in Dallas for making my dream come true!
—Guest Albert

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