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We get asked all of the time where should I stay, where is a good place to eat, what other "must do" things should we do while we are in Denver?...  

Well we want to share our "Staff" picks on all things to do in Colorado. From our favorite farm to table restaurant to the cool hip craft cocktail lounge. We have also compiled a healthy list of hotels and must do things to do in Colorado. This list is curated specifically for our clientele! If you have questions about any of these establishments or activities, please shoot us an email (info @ oxotic.com) or give us a call at 855.484.1550. We are more than happy to assist you with your vacation research!

We've broken this information up into three major categories. EATS - HOTELS - THINGS TO DO IN COLORADO. In the EATS section you will find the Restaurant's name followed by the neighborhood. Same with the Hotels.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations, they really are the best of the best!

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Downtown Golden

Longtime friends and now owners/partners, Brandon Bortles and Barry Dobesh-the B’s, as they are branded together–chose the name Abejas to convey the meaning behind the bee. Bees are industrious little bastards that symbolize agriculture, nature, and the fresh provisional menu behind Abejas. Abejas is a homecoming for the owners. The owner-duo met in Golden and both have deep roots in this small town. After Barry graduated from the Colorado Art Institute’s culinary program in 2002, he and Brandon became colleagues at the Hilltop Café in Golden. Barry next spent time working in Chicago, while Brandon moved on to manage New York restaurants. They rejoined in Denver in 2007 and started forming their dream to provide Golden with an intimate, seasonal restaurant, fit for a causal glass of wine with friends as much as for the celebration of a special occasion.








One of the best, if not THE best roof top bars/restaurant in Downtown Denver. We love their small plates "tapas" menu, brought to you by an award winning Chef. They have an incredible craft cocktail menu, great beer and wine list. Oh did we mention THE MOST EPIC view of the Denver Skyline. LoHi is the home to dozens and dozens of hot trendy shops, restaurants and bars. It's a great walking neighborhood. Save some room for Desert and check out Little Man Ice Cream (ENORMOUS Building shaped like an old fashion Ice Cream can)!





Technically, the name refers to the kitchen’s focus on oak wood-fired cooking. But it’s pretty fitting for a place that stands so tall and mighty among Denver’s top-tier destinations -- and that just keeps growing on you with every visit. At first glance, chef-partner Steven Redzikowski’s seasonal repertoire doesn’t seem so wildly different from that of countless other contemporary kitchens: you've got your pork belly, your short ribs, and your handmade gnocchi. But the distinction’s in the details: that gnocchi, for instance, sports a startling combination of butternut squash, chanterelles, and lemon confit in creamy onion sauce. And the cocktails are smarter than you are.

*** If you are headed to Boulder, try their sister restaurant Oak at Fourteenth. Very similar menu, My favorite spot in Boulder!



Washington Park West

From the cool-toned, streamlined decor, to the suave service and the painterly compositions on your plate, dining at chef-owner Olav Peterson’s hidden-in-plain-sight neighborhood gem is like visiting a modern art gallery. Only instead of pretending to appreciate how an all-white canvas represents the decline of civilization, you can actually appreciate silken fresh pastas, salads like tiny flowering gardens, and the revelation that is properly cooked roast chicken, washed down with a beer from Estonia or Spain that you’ve never tried .


Beatrice and Woodsly


Between the wilderness of the forest and the solitude of the city, Beatrice & Woodsley brings the Colorado wilderness into Denver’s heart to celebrate the history of restaurants as places of restoration, replenishment, and relaxation. Nestled amidst an urban aspen grove, Beatrice and Woodsley offers social dining with a seasonally influenced Rustic-American menu. With cuisine that pays homage to the melting-pot of recipes and methods from the formation of the American culture, the restaurant playfully combines today’s palettes with the traditions and flavors of the old world. Simple ingredients, carefully executed techniques, and adventurous imaginations combine to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience.


Central Bistro & Bar


Central had always been good, sometimes very good. But when Chef Matt Selby took over the kitchen, it instantly developed a new depth of character. Though a vet, he’s still got the enthusiasm of a newbie, and it shows in everything from elaborate foie gras preparations and earthy soups, to the way he squeezes flavor out of the humblest vegetables. And he’s not the only one having fun: the talented bar crew’s always doing something new, the servers think on their feet like an improv group, and you’d have to be wallowing in Morrissey-grade misery to resist going with the flow.


ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro


If Denver had its own USDA food pyramid, Lon Symensma’s kaya toast and French onion soup dumplings would occupy an entire row. But since a balanced diet unfortunately consists of other things too, Symensma's Asian-fusion flagship offers up one spectacular, almost-too-pretty-to-eat plate after the next. Along with gourmet twists on old-school classics like chow fun and fried rice, look for artful specials like Dungeness crab shumai with tarragon-avocado cream, or Wagyu ribeye over leek-green raisin purée and black-bean gremolata. Meanwhile, we’re almost positive the bar’s exotic seasonal cocktails meet all of your daily fruit requirements.


Guard & Grace

Central Business District

When a chef celebrated for his globe-spanning imagination announces he’s opening a straight-up beef barn in a Downtown office tower, you’d be smart to smell a cash grab in the making. But you can be smart and wrong -- and in Troy Guard’s case, you would be. His steakhouse combines all the glitter and polish of your average Financial District destination with what feels like a genuine desire to please on the part of the entire detail-oriented staff. The result is relaxing yet exciting, comfy yet sexy, from the first bite of venison tartare through the wine-paired filet mignon flight, and the last crumb of cake from pastry talent Ryan Walker.



Platt Park

For 30 years and counting, Sushi Den has been the first and last word in raw fish around here, and its next-door sibling Izakaya Den introduced the concept of the Japanese tavern to Denver while scaling it up with slick decor and fusion twists. Now, in a warm, rustic, copper-toned nook across the street, the Kizaki brothers are putting their stamp on robatayaki and other traditional drinking foods, the simplicity of which showcases their fierce commitment to quality and proper technique as much as sashimi does: think monkfish fried karaage-style, melt-in-your-mouth grilled salmon collar, or funky skewers of chicken hearts and gizzards. (Before you balk at offal, remember you once scoffed at sushi too. That was dumb.)


Central Business District

If a city could have a restaurant for a girlfriend, this modern Italian fixture in the Hotel Monaco would be ours, because we constantly take it for granted. Year after year, week after week, from dawn to dark, Chef Elise Wiggins and her team put their egos on the back burner and their hearts on the line to make killer bread and pasta from scratch, nail classics like veal scallopini and brunch time strata, whip up elegant specials, design gluten-free alternatives, host a daily happy hour and pig roasts on the weekend, and basically take such good care of us that we really should remember to bring them flowers and candy next time.


Rebel Restaurant


Rooster-shaped ceramic pitchers and skull wallpaper, wooden planters full of herbs and Slayer graffiti, all coming together in a dusty old brick building that used to house a dive bar: this place is as metal as farm-to-table gets. And that goes double for the menu; it's as dynamic and downright ballsy as any Denver’s ever seen. While the signature whole roasted pig’s or lamb’s head warrants all the hype it’s generating, there isn’t a dish that doesn’t change whatever game it’s playing, from s**t on a shingle gone glam with brioche and walnuts in wine sauce, to a twist on poutine featuring fried tripe and foie gras gravy. The beer, wine, and cocktail lists are thrill-filled too.


Stoic & Genuine


Rioja’s a pioneer (and better than ever). Bistro Vendôme’s a classic. Euclid Hall’s a pure blast. But Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch’s dazzling, buzzing seafood smash hit in Union Station already feels like a legit icon -- a Grand Central Oyster Bar for Mile High cool kids. After all, Chef Jorel Pierce is a cool kid himself, so while oysters on the half-shell and lobster rolls are forever, ever-changing originals like octopus mortadella, tuna tartare in chai vinaigrette with maple giardiniera, and live uni with lychee shaved ice from Stoic’s dedicated granita bar are really where it’s at, followed by freaking foie gras crème brûlée with fried rosemary.


Table 6

Cherry Creek Country Club

Considering owner-sommelier Aaron Forman’s an ex-dog musher, the fact that a meal at this consummate neighborhood bistro remains full of surprises after a decade-plus shouldn’t itself come as any surprise. Chef Michael Winston takes the trademark playfulness of its New American menu seriously, which means at any given time you might get kimchi-Brie crepes, or yam kugel with the signature duck confit, or knock back some tater tots in fondue while you’re waiting for a foie gras tart with creamed spinach and pickled mushrooms. And the wine list’s still the vinous equivalent of the Iditarod: wide-ranging and racy.


To the Wind Bistro

City Park

In a barely there East Colfax storefront, Royce Oliveira, Leanne Adamson, and their tiny crew serve up a slice of the good life with such intelligence, skill, and verve that, immensely satisfying as it is, you can’t get enough. Not so much a restaurant with an open kitchen as a kitchen surrounded by some tables and chairs, the twinkling two-room space sets a casually intimate mood enhanced by the chance to interact with the easygoing Oliveira while he’s cooking -- and whatever’s he’s cooking, you’ll want it, be it perfectly pan-fried whiting with crème fraîche, rye croutons and golden raisins, or luscious chicken and dumplings in mussel broth.


The Squeaky Bean


Since the first incarnation of the Bean opened in 2009, this restaurant’s gone through its fair share of changes including a relaunch in a new location in 2012. Recently though, it’s hit a peak with a focus on food that’s not only farm fresh (sourced largely from their own Bean Acres), but fun too. From weekend bingo brunch to the penchant for creating cocktails for recently deceased celebrities, there’s enough kitsch to keep you entertained. But it’s the food, like its much-lauded lunch burger and its unexpectedly elegant dinner entrees, that makes the Bean a must-visit. 


Work & Class


“Hey, wanna go eat in a shipping container?” A few years ago, that may have seemed like a silly question, but this small (but mighty) restaurant has become a fast favorite landing on basically every “best of” list since it opened in early 2014. And now it’s earned a place on this list, too thanks to a new fall menu that includes comforting, yet flavor-packed classics like whiskey & Coke beef brisket and Wisconsin cheddar mac & cheese.


The Populist


Though it’s relatively new (it opened in 2012), The Populist somehow always feels like a classic. That’s not to say it’s not on trend: locally sourced ingredients, check; community tables, check; hip location in the hottest neighborhood, check. But while this restaurant is undeniably stylish, it’s also just damn delicious. So even though there are new options opening up in Denver every week, we’re sure you’ll regret it if you don’t stop in soon for its deceptively simple monikered bacon & egg or its newest seasonal take on agnolotti.


Old Major


Old Major Executive Chef and owner Justin Brunson is undeniably the king of meat in Denver. He’s opened Masterpiece Deli, launched the Denver Bacon Company, and recently took on the fast-casual trend with Honor Society. But it’s Old Major that remains a can’t-miss thanks to its in-house butchery and charcuterie programs, as well as a consistent ability to turn out perfected plates. Whether it’s the famous nose-to-tail platter or a delicate, flaky cheddar biscuit, you need this. Now.


Beast + Bottle


Relationships can be a lot of work, right? But (usually) you’re only involved in one at a time. At Beast + Bottle, though, there are countless relationships being managed all of the time. From the local purveyors who supply the restaurant with an ever-changing lineup of fresh ingredients to the diners who are each treated to a dose of old-school hospitality on every visit, everything is orchestrated flawlessly by the team of Paul and Aileen Reilly, who have yet another kind of relationship: they’re brother and sister.


Mercantile Dining & Provision

Union Station

Though Chef Alex Siedel’s Fruition is a perennial Mile High favorite, it’s this more recent endeavor from him that’s currently got our attention. As part of the redesign of Union Station, it’s got that shiny and new appeal. But beyond the hype are creative dishes that elevate fresh ingredients. Mercantile’s fall menu, which includes dishes like a celery root tortellini with confit veal sweetbreads, crispy Brussels sprouts, and pickled mustard seed vinaigrette, is out now. So what are you waiting for?


The Plimoth

City Park North

This restaurant touts a qualifier after its name: “neighborhood eatery.” If only all neighborhoods had a place like this. But no matter where you live in Denver, don’t wait to dine here. The menu changes constantly, offering up new takes on ingredients each time you visit. This season, expect to see plenty of squash, apples, and pears featured in dishes like the fall shelling bean ragout with delicata squash, charred autumn vegetables persillade, boutique sherry, and Schnebelhorn cheese.



Capitol Hill

Restaurateur Frank Bonanno has made a big impact on the Denver dining scene with his mini-empire that includes the always impeccable Mizuna. But over at Bones, his Asian noodle house headed up by Executive Chef John Dipierro, a passion for experimentation has us salivating. Head there on a Wednesday for its steamed buns special and you’ll be treated to a unique creation that changes weekly as the team plays with new flavor combinations. Or go anytime for a piping-hot bowl of noodles like the new-for-fall option with crispy chicken skin, charred chile charmoula, corn, wakame, and oyster mushroom sauce.

*Also check out Luca De'Italia - Next door to Bones & Another John Dipierro creation, My favorite Italian restuaunt in Denver. Everything he touches is GOLD! He does not pay me to say that either!!! I love his entire foodie empire!



City Park West

Denver’s got plenty of places where you can score a quick bite with your morning brew or, on the other end of the spectrum, a nap-inducing gorge-fest of a brunch. But we love Onefold right now because it hits that sweet spot in between. Yes, it's got the requisite breakfast burrito. But it's more about what’s inside the house-made tortilla (like the duck fat fried potatoes) than how big it is. And you’ll find more than the usual suspects here too, like the ultra-comforting congee, a savory rice porridge that’s popular in Asian countries.




Another place that’s proving that a small space can produce big flavors is this pizza and oysters mecca. With only a handful of tables, a 1,000-degree wood-fired oven, and a knack for turning something simple into something memorable, Cart-Driver is anything but just another pizza joint. And though Chef Kelly Whitaker is well-versed in Italian techniques (you only need to have visited his Boulder pizzeria Basta once to know that), he’s also committed to using local ingredients whenever possible. The result: food that will have you coming back no matter the season.

*Write up brought to you by: Thrillist

brown palace 01#BrownPalace



The Crawford Hotel #Staff Pick
Downtown Denver - Union Station
This is a new hotel inside Union Station, awesome location, in the heart of Downtown. This entire area was just revitalized in the last 2 years a project that took 5 years to complete.

Hotel Monaco

Downtown Denver - Financial District
A boutique hotel in the middle of Downtown Denver this hotel is famous for it's old style charm with Modern Luxury design. Part of the Kimpton family of hotels this is one of our favorite Hotels in Denver.

Hyatt Regency
Downtown - Convention Center
Close to everything! This is a gorgeous high-rise hotel located in the heart of downtown. We recommend grabbing a drink  at the Peak's Lounge on the 27th floor. You'll thank us later!

Brown Palace #Staff Pick
Downtown Denver
Stay where every President has stayed since 1892! Explore the unique offerings of The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, a legend among Downtown Denver luxury hotels since 1892. From the dramatic allure of our Top of the Brown Guestrooms and regal Presidential Suites to our fine dining offerings and stately meeting facilities, the qualities of our iconic hotel in Downtown Denver make it the ultimate destination for business functions, leisurely vacations, romantic getaways and even spa retreats.


Four Seasons #Staff Pick

Downtown Denver - Convention Center

One of the newest high rise hotels in the Denver area. It's the Four Seasons! We also have a Ritz-Carlton but it is a complete toss up between these two. They are both Luxury hotels with all of the amenities. We recommend the Four Seasons in this price bracket in Denver.



St Julien #Staff Pick

Downtown Boulder - Pearl Street/CU Campus

Treat yourself to a refreshingly uncommon downtown Boulder hotel destination, where luxury and comfort come naturally. At St Julien Hotel & Spa, world-class accommodations and service balance perfectly – melding nature and nurture, simplicity and style, relaxation and renewal. St Julien sets itself apart from other Boulder, Colorado hotels as an oasis of tranquility – offering inspired views of the Flatiron Mountains, and doorstep access to the famous Pearl Street Mall. Enjoy a new sense of style and sensibility inside this casually elegant luxury hotel in Boulder, Colorado.

Located in the heart of Boulder's historic downtown, St Julien Hotel & Spa is within walking distance of more than 200 shops and 80 restaurants, just steps from the historic Pearl Street Mall, the beautiful University of Colorado campus, miles of hiking and biking paths and numerous entertainment options.





Hiking/Trails: I would check out Boulder for your hiking excursion. It is 20 Minutes North of our office. We will be driving through Boulder Creek Canyon and taking pictures in front of the flat Irons. We will drive by many of the trails on this list: Chautauqua park is near the flat irons and easy access. Great views and a good workout. It is a pretty famous area to hike and right near the University Campus so it's easy access. Many of the trails that have waterfalls in the Boulder Creek Canyon are flowing heavy right now. So the scenery is great and there will be a lot of people out. Boulder Creek canyon is also close and easily access. You can also check out downtown Boulder. There is a great out door walking, shopping and entertainers on Pearl Street in Boulder. Boulder is 45 minutes from downtown Denver. If you have time to take a short trip, I would head up to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is amazing and worth the trip, a 2 hour drive from downtown Denver.






Vehicle Vault

Vehicle Vault is the premier auto gallery and elite custom garage community that provides a unique environment for those who share the passion for cars. If you are lucky enough to be in Denver on the 2nd Saturday of the month, make it a point to head over to Vehicle Vault around 9am to Noon. You will get to see the greatest turn out of local exotic, classic, and collector cars on display at their monthly "Cars & Coffee" car meet.

Gallery at Vehicle Vault

Exhibiting a fabulous collection of rare and exotic automobiles from all over the world and presenting a totally unique venue for your special events.


Motorized Vespa style scooter rental service and guided sightseeing scooter tours across from the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. ScooTours Denver Scooter Rental provides everything you need including scooter riding lessons, gas, liability insurance and suggestions of where to explore on our motor scooters. If you can ride a bicycle, you are 18 or older, and you have a valid Driver's License, we can easily train you to ride. Renting a 50 cc moped is the perfect day trip activity for a group event, a visit to Denver, a birthday gift, bachelorette parties, and corporate outings in Denver. Guided sightseeing tours available.


Red Rocks Amphitheater

Is a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado, 10 miles west of Denver, where concerts are given in the open-air amphitheater. There is a large, tilted, disc-shaped rock behind the stage, a huge vertical rock angled outwards from stage right, several large outcrops angled outwards from stage left and a seating area for up to 9,525 people[1] in between. The amphitheater is owned and operated by the City and County of Denver, Colorado and is located in Red Rocks Park, part of the Denver Mountain Parks system.

Rocky Mountain National Forest

Rocky Mountain National Park’s 415 square miles encompass and protect spectacular mountain environments. Enjoy Trail Ridge Road – which crests over 12,000 feet including many overlooks to experience the subalpine and alpine worlds – along with over 300 miles of hiking trails, wildflowers, wildlife, starry nights, and fun times. In a world of superlatives, Rocky is on top!


Coors Brewery Tour (10 Minutes from our facility)

Since 1873 the Coors brewery has thrived on a legacy of quality, innovation and customer service. The tour showcases the company’s history and passion for brewing. Your tour takes place in the world’s largest single-site brewery. The brewery experience includes a 30-minute self-paced tour highlighting our malting, brewing and packaging processes. Cool off in the “fresh beer room," where visitors can sip a cold sample and rest on ice-cube benches in a refrigerated room. At the end of the tour, view old photos, neons, historical beer cans, bottles and memorabilia, and have the opportunity to sample* our refreshing products. Be sure to shop in the Coors & Co. gift shop.


Stranahan's Whiskey Distillery Tour

This whiskey glowed amber from the start. When volunteer firefighter Jess Graber responded to a neighbor's barn fire down the road, he never imagined any good could come of it. But the barn he made effort to save belonged to George Stranahan, long-time liquor connoisseur. When the fire settled, the two discovered a shared passion for the Colorado outdoors and a good pour of fine whiskey.

And so Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey was born. They developed a recipe for the smoothest, most flavorful whiskey in the world using the purity of their mountain surroundings to their advantage. Well, to your advantage. They say from each thing bad comes something good. For Jess, George, and fine whiskey drinkers alike, it's amazing just how good it can be.


Marijuana Dispensaries (THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!)

The law regarding marijuana in Colorado allows for cities and counties to decide for themselves if they will permit recreational stores. If you are planning your vacation to Colorado, we would recommend supporting the cities and counties that respect your right to marijuana.

The experience is similar to a liquor store. You must present photo identification in order to check out and purchase Marijuana products. Recreational marijuana stores are open for business. Anyone 21 years of age or older is allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana in Colorado. This is your right as defined by the Colorado Constitution, whether or not the city or county allows or bans recreational stores. We now have thousands of independent and chain dispensary locations throughout Colorado. Let's face it Pot is everywhere in this state. We just ask that you partake in the festivities AFTER you drive with us!

* You would think this is obvious but for legal reasons, we have to bring it to your attention... Consumption of Drugs or Alcohol prior to your driving tour is not permitted. We do reserve the right to cancel your tour without a refund if we find you have consumed any substance that would impair your ability to drive.




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The reality is that the vast majority of us will never be able to afford a Ferrari outright, no matter how badly we want to be behind the wheel of one of the best cars on the planet.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to buying a six-figure prancing pony. A (somewhat) affordable way into a Ferrari comes in the form of shared ownership, which, as you can see in the infographic above from Jointli.com, drastically reduces the cost of ownership by as much as 75% and allows a driver to enjoy the car like it was theirs.

Jointli.com compares shared ownership to owning or leasing a Ferrari outright. And it seems pretty clear that, for most people, sharing is the best option. Here's how the math breaks down (numbers are based on a 2009 Ferrari F430 and 7 days a month of driving):

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Sole ownership

If you somehow can come up with the $175,000 to buy a used 2009 Ferrari F430, you'd still be looking at some staggering costs: $20,000 of depreciation, $10,000 for maintenance and repairs, $2,000+ for gasoline every year. Jointli.com figures that based on 7 days of usage per month, owning a Ferrari by yourself would cost about $380 per day. Shared ownership would cost $95 per day.


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So, let's say you're over 25 and have a spotless driving record. How about renting a Ferrari? To do so, you'll have to pay a huge security deposit ($10,000 or so) and you're going to be charged around $1,000 a day. This means that in order to drive your Ferrari for 7 days a month for a year, you'd be paying $84,000, nearly double the cost of shared ownership. Renting also ensures that you get nothing back. At least under sole ownership, the owner holds equity, minus depreciation.


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Peer-to-peer renting

This is a slightly cheaper form of renting. The basic idea is that a person who owns a Ferrari will rent it to you for about $500 a day. Again, while this is indeed a less expensive option, it's still not as cheap as shared ownership. And just like traditional renting, you get none of this money back.

So, all in all, shared ownership of an exotic car is indeed a much more economical way to own a Ferrari. Of course, it comes with the caveat of only being able to drive the car 7 days per month, and not really ever knowing what the other owners are doing in that beautiful piece of machinery.

If you're lifelong dream comes in the form of owning an exotic car, however, and you haven't been getting any banker-like bonuses lately, shared ownership looks like a viable way to achieve it, assuming you can deal with its setbacks.




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We want to make your company's team building event EPIC! We host corporate events ranging from 5 participants to over 100+. Our events are completely customized and can be organized by our in house event planner to fit your company's specific needs. We offer a fully equipped meeting space facility, an array of food truck and catering options, branded Oxotic merchandise, and customized event Supercar driving packages.

Some Of Our Corporate Events Clients Include:

        Corplogo1     Corplogo7   Corplogo3     Corplogo10  

  Corplogo4    Corplogo5    Corplogo6    Corplogo8    Corplogo2   

Meeting Facility:
Let's say you have a group of 25 high profile clients that you want to present a new product to. At Oxotic we provide a turn key event exceeding your expectations. Our facility comes fully equipped with all of the essentials; We provide tables, chairs, linens, and a projector. Our climate controlled facility is perfect for large groups. Although most of our clients will pair a driving experience with their meeting, we do offer facility only rental for parties, corporate presentations, and events.

In December 2016 we will be moving into our new state of the art purpose built facility, which will give us the ability to host groups larger than 100+ people in a single venue. We will also be adding new cars to our fleet to accommodate demand.


Dedicated Event Planner:
You will be working 1:1 with our staff event coordinator. They will work with you throughout the process to ensure your event is a huge success. After all we want you to come back year after year, as many of our corporate clients do. We will work directly for you to provide venue setup, coordinate catering or food truck menus, and event planning.


Merchandise packages:
We can pair a variety of Oxotic branded merchandise for your participants to take home. Options include: T-Shirts, Photo Plaques, Key Chains, Hats, USB Lanyards, Mugs, etc. We highly recommend putting together a merchandise basket for each of your participants. With advanced planning we can arrange to have co-branded merchandise at an additional cost.



Driving Event Options:
Our events are fully customized to your needs. Some clients want to take their team out for a 150 Mile 8 hour adventure up in the mountains with a lunch stop along the way. While others need a turn key meeting facility to conduct a 2 hour meeting and presentation, followed by shorter driving tours up Golden Gate Canyon State Park. In either case we have experience and have executed flawlessly for our past clients. You will work with your event planner to develop a day that will work within your company's budget and required meeting structure.


 2 or more of our Staff photographers will be available to capture the moments throughout your event. We also have an in house photo lab, where we can print photos for your group to take home after the tour. Typically we will include a photo bundle where all of your participants will have access to all of the high resolution photos taken throughout the event at no charge to the participant.



Driving Event pricing has a wide range, as there are many variables. Prices start at $150 per participant.  Event space and equipment rental starts at $500 for 4 hours. We are here to make your day special. We will attempt to accommodate any requests you may have and can really customize the day to fit your specific needs.





Driving through downtown Los Angeles on the way to the Automotive News Marketing Seminar, held the same day as a recent NHL playoff game, I saw what had to be a black Audi R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* driven by what had to be a member of the LA Kings appear suddenly in the rearview mirror. Just as quickly it wound around whatever wretched econocar to which I was clinging and disappeared up over an off ramp and off to Staples Center where its owner or leasee would that very day annihilate the San Jose Sharks in Game 1. I pondered my hoopty ride a moment and then recalled that the week prior I, just like Luc Robataille or whoever that was in the black car, had also been driving an R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*. Mine had been the new R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* V10 plus version of the Audi R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* line, with the emphasis on the plus. It was as cool as the ice on which this very King would soon be skating.

As both I and the LA King had already learned, you must not be afraid to push this car. The more you push it, the better it feels, and the better it feels the better you feel. While it does well tiptoeing around town -- it's quiet, it's comfortable, it has an automatic setting on the seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission -- you don't buy this car because it can tiptoe around town. A Lumina can tiptoe around town. No, get out there, find an empty stretch of road, and hammer this thing. Floor the throttle. Don't be shy. Bury your right foot up to the ankle in floorboard. Feel it shove you back into that diamond-stitched seat leather. Listen to the howlin' roar of that direct-injected V10 right behind your brain socket. Smile.

Then go find a curve or two and power down into the apex, paddle-blipping the shifter and listening to the syncopated rev-matching waaAAH waaAAH waaAAH of the downshifting gears and the rev-matching engine before easing back onto the gas and waaaaaaaaaaing your way out onto the straight. I did on a lovely and empty mountain road outside of LA. You'll be very happy you did.

The Audi R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* V10 plus Coupe Quattro S tronic is everything you could ask for and then just a little more (and less) than the regular R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*: the mid-rear-mounted 550-hp V10 makes 25 more hp than the regular V10; curb weight drops by 130 pounds thanks to greater use of carbon fiber, a smaller fuel tank, manual seats, ceramic brakes and a little less sound insulation; the V10 plus' 0-60 time drops by 0.3 second to a claimed 3.3, though all we got was a 4.0 in the single run we snuck in on a public road and we didn't really try that hard because we didn't really want to be arrested that day.

All that power, and 398 lb ft of torque, are routed to all four wheels for better grip. Audi added another clutch for the new R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*s, giving them a dual-clutch seven-speed. It pushes and pulls you and exactly one other certain special someone to ungodly speeds and through corners at tremendous lateral gs.

There are only a very few competitive cars that do this sort of thing better. In fact, there are only two, maybe three, OK four, no five, that I can think of and most of those you could argue about all day. If you've driven the McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458 and maybe the Lexus LFA and one or two flavors of the 911 (Nissan GT-R, too?) you will notice that the R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* doesn't have quite the same feel behind the wheel. The steering's heavier; the throttle, too. The Audi insulates you from more of the feedback you get in those other cars, they have more data coming into the seat of your pants, your hands on the wheel, the sound of the engine and the indescribable communication between man and machine offered by the slightly sportier super cars listed above. But it's close. Suffice to say that if you like luxury, German engineering and speed, this car will make you feel like a King.

Blake Z. Rong, Associate Editor, West Coast: The R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*. Oh, the Audi R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*, a symphonic noise of heaven, a ballet of precision, about as calculating as the Terminator, and just as ruthless.

How does it go? Quickly, but not explosively, like a Mercedes AMG product; it builds up speed steadily until it becomes overwhelming, like diving headfirst into a particularly large ocean wave. The steering gives tremendous feedback with satisfying heft. The brakes are "whoa right there" strong, enough for the S tronic transmission to tick down two, three gears -- which it does in a blink. The suspension is firm and evidently adjustable -- though it's just different layers of firm, and pressing the button acts really as a placebo. It reacts fairly quickly to steering inputs, especially when dodging frighteningly jagged rocks scattered across the pavement of Angeles Crest Highway.

But that engine -- the longitudinal, dry-sumped, 5.2-liter, 550-horsepower V10 mit Fuel Stratified Injection -- it sounds like an event occurring right behind your shoulder blades. Lurid prose doesn't begin to describe the sounds it's capable of generating. In fact, the rest of the car is surprisingly quiet -- lift off the throttle and there isn't much road noise, nor any whomp-whomping from the 235 front/305 rear summer tires on 19-inch rims. Nope, all you can hear is that engine, firm and precise in its specifically metered fuel droplets, stratified at the molecular level, swirling around and exploding at perfect intervals and resonating across the leather-quilted cabin right into your ears and into your dopamine-releasing senses. It's all very keen stuff.

2014 Audi R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* V10 plus Coupe Quattro S tronic

Base Price: $182,595

As-Tested: $194,995 (including destination and gas guzzler tax)

Drivetrain: 5.2-liter, 550-hp, 398-lb-ft, V10; AWD, seven-speed dual-clutch sequential manual

Curb Weight: 3,660 lb (mfg.)

0-60 MPH: 3.3 sec (mfg.)

Top Speed: 197 mph (mfg.)

Fuel Economy (EPA): 13/22/16 mpg (mfg.)

Options on test car: Sepang blue matte effect paint $6000; diamond stich full leather package $5000; black Alcantara headliner $1300: iPod cable $100

Go, Stop, Cringe: A Ferrari in the City

How to Drive a Ferrari in New York? Carefully


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The author decided driving in New York must have been more fun when there was less traffic: Park Avenue in 1961, above, and the West Side Highway in 1973, below.


Partly it was the car my wife and I drove then, a tiny, underpowered Austin America whose hood had a habit of popping open at high speeds and whose leaky distributor cap was mounted in such a way that the car would stall after going through a puddle. But mostly it was cabs, the way they cut you off, and fire engines with sirens, and crazy pedestrians darting out between parked cars.

You needed nerve to drive in New York, and mine was so lacking that before my daughter was born I needed to make a practice run from our home in New Jersey to New York Hospital, her scheduled landing place, just to be sure I could do it without an anxiety attack. There are stretches of upper Broadway that still remind me of that journey. That was my route. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive was out of the question.

I still live in New Jersey, and at some point about 20 years ago I realized that I no longer minded driving in New York. I sort of enjoyed it. I don’t do it often enough to be an expert. I’m not in the same league as my friend Bruce McCall, the artist and writer, who grew up in Simcoe, Ontario, but now lives in New York and takes a small-town Canadian approach to getting around in the city: he drives everywhere.

I can get around, though. I know how to cut across Central Park, and that if you take a hard right coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel you catch a little underpass that lops blocks off the trip downtown. I know that the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is worth every penny in tolls, and that there is no good time to attempt the Cross Bronx Expressway. If you’re a cabbie trying to creep into my lane — sorry, pal, honk all you want — I will give you no quarter.

Unless I’m driving someone else’s $200,000 Ferrari F430. This week, in honor of the New York International Auto Show, and of springtime in general, and to see if a pure pleasure drive in the city was even possible, I rented one from an outfit called Gotham Dream Cars, which specializes in what are known in the rental car trade as “ultra exotics.” It was not my first choice, actually. I wanted a Porsche, in memory of Ferdinand Porsche, the great car designer, who died last week, or a Lambo — a Lamborghini. But they were all taken. Apparently people rent from Gotham Dream Cars for weeks at a time, even months, despite a tab that can be over a thousand bucks a day.

My friend Bruce was underwhelmed by my choice. He wrote in an e-mail that the “Fazzaz,” as he called it, “used to be a snarling beast,” but is now “kind of an Italian T-bird with a/c and an engine that doesn’t overheat at 30 m.p.h. or under.” He might have been thinking of the great 1971 Elaine May comedy “A New Leaf,” in which Walter Matthau plays an impoverished playboy whose Ferrari keeps breaking down because of what he calls “carbon on the valves.” A mechanic tells him never to run it under 3,000 r.p.m.

I seldom got mine over 3,000 r.p.m., and not only because of wimpiness, though there was some of that. The guys who dropped off the car took photographs of every inch, warning me that I would be penalized for the slightest ding, and as a precaution put $7,500 on my credit card before I even left the driveway. (The actual 24-hour rental was $1,160.60.) Driving into New York and jockeying through the toll lanes at the George Washington Bridge I immediately felt some of the old terror.

There is a reason you don’t see many Ferraris in New York. They don’t make much sense as urban vehicles. They don’t overheat at low speeds anymore, but they don’t like to creep.

(Driving in New York must have been more fun when there was less traffic, and for all the congestion we probably have Robert Moses to blame. The trouble with building new roads into the city is that people use them.)

Like a lot of sports cars the Ferrari allows you to switch between automatic and manual shifting. The automatic gear changes at low speeds are a little mushy; the manual changes, accomplished by means of paddles mounted behind the wheel, are smoother but a pain in the neck in the city, where so much else claims your attention.

The Ferrari also has a very hard suspension, great for holding curves at high speeds but murder on potholed streets and bumpy even on the upper stretches of the West Side Highway, where there are metal pavement dividers at far too frequent intervals.

On the other hand the car sounds great: a mellow burbling that rises to a growl when you punch it up. And once you lower yourself into the all-leather cockpit — a bit of a feat if you’re tall and unlimber, like me — it’s like sitting in the pocket of a brand-new baseball glove. (The Ferrari comes with an ashtray and a cigarette lighter — for Italians, I guess — but Gotham forbids smoking in its cars, so the car still smelled leathery.)

You don’t have to break the speed limit to have fun. The car will do over 200 miles per hour, but even at 90 on a highway it’s so smooth it’s a little boring. The real thrill is how quickly it will go from zero to 60, say, and here’s a tip: Lafayette Street, north of Houston. Go for it.

If you hit the lights right on Lexington or Madison Avenue, you could probably do the same thing. I kept getting caught in traffic. At one point it was as if I had been adopted by a herd of taxis that insisted on keeping me in their midst.

The main joy of driving in New York is getting where you want to go quickly and efficiently and without incident. I had no particular place to go and so drove in a kind of elementary Etch A Sketch pattern, up and down the long avenues and traversing some cross streets. I don’t know that I learned anything, except that early in the day the theater district is a quick route across town; that these days the F.D.R. Drive is a mess north of 100th Street; and that a Ferrari, with a driver afraid of clipping or being clipped by a delivery truck, is a really bad idea in the narrow streets of Chinatown.

Down Fifth Avenue, past the museums and the park, and then around onto Central Park South — watch out for the horse carriages! — is a great drive in any kind of car. So is the West Side Highway, coming off the George Washington Bridge, with the river on your right, the Fairway sign zipping past on your left and the whole city seeming to open up before you.

Manhattan also looks great coming over from Brooklyn or from Queens across the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. It looms like Oz, a city worth getting to.

If you can find a place to park, that is. Parking here may be an even greater pleasure than driving — the joy of finding a spot without circling for blocks or, worse, ducking into a garage and allowing the attendant to hold your car for ransom. In Calvin Trillin’s “Tepper Isn’t Going Out,” surely the greatest parking novel ever, the protagonist finds such a good spot that he never leaves it — a metaphor for what happens to out-of-towners when they come to New York.

I was afraid to park the Fazzaz. I couldn’t see out the back window too well — it’s tinted and nearly flat — and the car is so low that I was afraid that if got close to the curb, I wouldn’t be able to open the door. And what if someone harmed it while I was gone?

There were those two women in Union Square, coming from the farmers’ market apparently, who stood in the middle of a crosswalk and stared at me with pure contempt, but there could have been others — bike riders, maybe — even more scornful. So even though I saw some very nice spots, I drove on by, at one with my machine, which didn’t want to stop either.




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Rapid Review: Audi's 2014 R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* lineup gets a refresh


Two versions of Audi's refreshed 2014 R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* lineup on display. At left…

To look at the unique proportions of the Audi R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* -- wedge-shaped nose, short hood, large greenhouse -- it’s easy to forget this all-wheel-drive sports car has been with us since 2007.

Cruise down the street in this mid-engined stunner, and its unmistakable facade looks like a movie prop stolen from a film set.


(Actually the car does have an enviable IMDB resume, showing up in concept form in the 2004 film "I, Robot," and serving as Tony Stark’s ride of choice in the "Ir

on Man" trilogy.)

PHOTOS: Audi's refreshed 2014 R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* supercar lineup

But despite being on the market for six years, the various iterations of this car -- V-8, V-10, coupe,  spyder -- have sold only a modest 4,863 copies in the U.S. through April 2013, according to Audi.

This seems low when you consider the R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*’s supercar looks and performance come at a relatively affordable price tag. A base R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* V-8 starts at $118,250 with a manual transmission and you have to work hard on the option list to hit the $200,000 mark for a loaded 550-horsepower V-10 model.

So Audi is looking to juice its sales numbers by refreshing the lineup for 2014, tossing in a breathtakingly quick new transmission option and making available an all-new V-10 Plus version.

The result is an even more desirable car that hasn’t even begun to show its age.

Audi wisely kept the exterior upgrades on all 2014 models to a minimum, swapping in revised LED headlights and taillights, updated bumpers and two round exhaust pipes in the rear.

The interior is also much the same, with slightly larger shift paddles on cars with the optional transmission, a thicker steering wheel, and more leather and aluminum trim.

The biggest upgrade is the new optional transmission. Previously, buyers could opt for a single-clutch automated transmission that impressed precisely no one with its speed or smoothness.

But with the 2014 model year, Audi finally made available its dual-clutch S-Tronic transmission as a $9,100 option on the R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*. The base six-speed manual is still available on all R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*’s, meaning the R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* is one of the rare supercars still available with a DIY transmission. All versions have Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system.

We recently logged some seat time in a quartet of R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* models, from a base V-8 coupe with a manual transmission, to the new V-10 Plus coupe. What’s notable about all of these cars is how approachable they are for daily use.

Many supercars treat a comfortable ride or proper visibility as collateral damage for aesthetics and speed. Not the R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*. From behind the wheel, it’s easy to forget that you’re piloting a crowd-drawing machine capable of very high speeds.


R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* V-8 Coupe with manual transmission: $133,900

This car, the darling of the R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* lineup, is the lightest and most nimble of everything offered. Thus, it was right at home in the tight passes in the hills of Malibu.

The mid-engine placement, low center of gravity and all-wheel-drive conspire to give the car a death grip on the road. This lends a sense of near invincibility as you search for this car’s limits; it is very easy to look like a pro behind the wheel of an R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER*.

Though the optional S-Tronic gearbox is undeniably quicker, this manual is an impressive setup. The clutch and the shifter were also easy to live with, as they were forgiving enough to manage in traffic yet capable of breathy performance under full throttle.

There’s also something resolutely satisfying about the soft metal-on-metal sound as you're hustling the manual shifter around the metal gates.

Other than the slower response, the only downside to the manual choice is that an already tight footwell gets even more cramped when you’re working with three pedals.

Mechanically, the base V-8 remains the same. It still uses a 4.2-liter engine to make 430 horsepower and 316 pound-feet of torque. In this manual configuration, Audi says it will do zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, on its way to a 188 mph top speed.

If it weren’t for the V-10 model, this eight-cylinder powerplant would feel like all you need for this car. Though the engine could use more low-end torque, its comfort sitting at the high end of its rpm range means this is a rev-happy experience.

This model is also a bit of a bargain, with a starting price of $118,250, including destination and a $3,000 gas guzzler tax. Considering that for that money you’re getting a 430 horsepower, all-wheel drive car that looks like it should cost well into the $200,000 range, suddenly the asking fee doesn’t seem so high.

Our tester added options that included a full leather interior, navigation system and parking sensors for its $133,900 total.

R8 *AUDI R8 RENTAL DENVER* V-8 Spyder with S-Tronic: $155,050

As gratifying as the manual transmission is, it’s hard to pass up the immense advantage this new transmission gives you as a driver. The switch from the outgoing automated single-clutch to this dual clutch is transformative.


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 By Eric Sandoval

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