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Can you believe it 2016 marks our 3rd year in business! Other mile-stones include over 6,000 Driving tours and thousands of Supercar DRIVING dreams that have come true! Below we've complied a list of important things you should know about our company and why we are THE most popular driving experience company in Colorado. If you do not want to take our word for it... Please take your time and read our customer reviews on third party sites like TripAdvisor Google or Facebook.

Canyon Drive Highlight Video: CANYON DRIVE


Our tours:

On a regular day we will run 5 Tours starting at 9am with our longest tours kicking off the day. Our tours are led by a 550HP Cayenne Turbo where our guide and two photographers reside. Pay attention while on tour, as these photographers will pop out regularly to capture amazing rolling shot like the one above. They will also be there to assist you with car swaps and provide additional photography at each of our scenic photo stops. Your tour does include all of your digital photography. All of our vehicles are fitted with Forward facing and interior cameras with full audio. Your video footage will be recorded onto an Oxotic USB lanyard. You may purchase the video for $35 at the end of your tour.


We want you to feel confident behind the wheel. You will get a thorough tour orientation before we leave our facility. This includes a complete overview of the vehicles and their operations. We want you to have fun and enjoy the tour. So let's get the stress of driving a Supercar out of the way. We do close to 2500 tours a year and everyone will tell you they get used to driving the cars quickly. Having a great team at Oxotic and our format helps with that. We do have some high tech digital radios in each of the cars. You will have crystal clear voice access to our guide in the lead vehicle.


65 & 125 Mile Tours:
We do stop numerous times along the route. This will give you an opportunity to cycle through the Supercars that go out on tour. If you have a passenger over the age of 21, they can also particpate and drive! Our photographers will be on hand to take still photography and the vehicles. If you're with a group we will also take group photos. Since this tour kicks off at 9am we typically get up to Nederland mid-morning. We stop at an incredible coffee shop and restaurant, Salto. We typically spend about 20-30 minutes at this stop. It's a great opportunity to use a clean restroom and grab a bite to eat. Towards the end of our tour we will have a photo stop where we can stage our Supercars in front of the Flat Irons.

65 Mile Tour: 2.5 Hours, 3 Canyons

125 Mile Tour: 4 Hours, 4 Canyons

25 & 35 Mile Tours

We will head up Golden Gate Canyon State Park Road. This tour takes place on secluded canyon road with incredible elevation changes. You will really get to experience the handling and power our Supercars put down. We stop at one photo spot on both tours where you will have the opportunity to swap seats with your passenger if you are sharing the drive. As we do on all of our tours, your still digital photography and all rolling shots will be included and delivered to you at no additional charge. It's hard to beat the backdrop of the Golden Canyon Kriley ponds and mountain peaks that frame our photography at this stop. (The flat Irons on our 65 and 125 Mile tours will give this stop a run for it's money;)!)

25 Mile Tour: 45 Minutes, 1 Canyon

35 Mile Tour: 1 Hour, 1 Canyon


15 Mile Tour
Also heading up Golden Gate Canyon State Park Road however you will miss out on some great straight away & incredible photography. This is a fun inexpensive way to get a taste of our tours. We will inform you now... You will want to come back for some more! All of our photography is taken in front of our facility before we leave. We do not have a safe opportunity to stop on this tour with the entire fleet. You will need to do at least a 25 mile tour if you ould like to swap seats with your passenger.

15 Mile Tour: 20 Minutes, 1 Canyon

Do your Homework...

- Read our reviews. Trip Advisor awarded Oxotic their highly covented Certificate of Excellence, not 1, not 2 but 3 years in a row! We were the only Supercar Experience company in Colorado to receive this award EVER. In fact we were ranked in the top 2 outdoor activities in all of Colorado!

- We offer the longest (at the same time best bang for the buck) driving packages in Colorado 15, 25, 35, 65, & 125 Mile packages.

- We are the only Company in Colorado that operates 100% of our driving miles within 4 low traffic Canyon roads.

- All of our vehicles are late model Supercars many with values of $300,000+. Even though Lamborghini's and Ferrari's look similar there is a big difference between a late model car and one that is now 10+ years old.

- Since these are "Modern" Supercar models, they have paddle shift transmissions, which can be switched into automatic mode. Manual shifting is considered out-dated technology in the Supercar world!

- Offering the first of it's kind Driving & Rally tours. On the longer routes we give our participants the opportunity to get out, stretch, take pictures, enjoy the mountain scenery and swap seats if you want to!

- All Oxotic tour packages include a Professional photo shoot & rights to all digital images. (Many times the instructors operating the lead car(s) will take action shots... you get those images too!

- We do NOT require a security deposit... However, all drivers must have valid drivers license. (Out of the country no problem)

Did we miss something? give us a call 855.484.1550

If you do not see a distance package that fits your desire, please use our toll free number 855.484.1550 to discuss custom and discounted group options. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that will be memorable and lasting. We always include a professional photo shoot and best of all you get to keep all of the high resolution digital images.  All tour packages include the FULL Oxotic experience for one reasonable rate! Learn more about our Tour Packages

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Driving or Ride-Along Tours

Driving =  You're behind the wheel!
Ride-Along = You are the passenger and an Instructor is Driving.
YOU+1 Passenger Upgrade = You can add this upgrade to any Driving Tour package, bring your favorite passenger with you!


Weekday Canyon Tours

105 Mile Tour With Passenger
4 Canyon - Multi-Car - Weekday
(YOU+1 Included)


 65 Mile Tour With Passenger
3 Canyon - Multi-Car - Weekday
(YOU+1 Included)

35 Mile Tour With Passenger
1 Canyon - 1-Car - Weekday
(YOU+1 Included)



Our committment to you...

We pride ourselves with a reputation of being honest, reliable and committed to delivering a world class experience. We offer the newest, most desirable Supercars available in Colorado. You will find that our prices are competitive, and our experiences will take you further than any other competing company... period.

After relocating to Denver from California for business in 2004, I have found a passion for driving and exploring the roads that wind through the Rockies! I want to earn your business and deliver the type of service you would expect from a group that is as passionate about cars as our clients. We are a family run business located just 20 minutes West of Downtown Denver. We will go out of our way to make sure you go home with an amazing experience and memories for years to come!

Eric Sandoval




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