Who We Are

We like to think of ourselves as down to earth average guys, however we are a little nuts when it comes to objects with wheels and an engine. We are in this business because we are passionate about cars period. We are here to offer the community a fair, reliable and competitive service. We are dedicated to making your experience memorable and exciting!

What We Value

Relationships, It's that simple. We want to build long relationships with our clients. We often find ourselves talking about cars for hours with our clients after they finish their exotic drive experience. We can't help it we love what we do. We can make you a promise, when we decide to use our services we will treat you just as we would any of our long time friends. We want to offer a product that is fair, reasonable, and memorable. We just ask that you treat us the same. Let's honor our commitments together and build a rock solid relationship!



The Founders

Eric Sandoval CEO & Founder

For the past thirteen-years Eric has spent time in Enterprise Software, IP Managed services and hosting. Holding senior leadership positions at both start up and large billion dollar corporations. Eric has a wife and daughter on the way.


How did you get into cars?

I grew up around cars, my father would have something new just about every 3-4 months. How many kids showed up to cub scouts in an bright orange Bricklin SV-1 with Gull-Wing doors? Well this kid did! How about the scar across the bridge of my nose? That was given to me thru love, in fact it was the love of a 50LB Lancia Scorpion cat-back exhaust that landed square on my nose when I was 15. My father and I was installing it on his orange Scorpion. Come to think of it he liked orange cars! My father passed the addiction along to me because I can not hold on to a car for more than a year. Well, that's not 100% true...there has been a few that lasted over a year, but not many.


What was your first car?

My first car car happened to be Orange... I see a theme here. It was an Orange Datsun 240Z manual. I loved that car!


What's your Favorite Car?

That is an impossible question to answer! My passion is found in European cars. I love exotics owning a number of them over the years. My favorite brands are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche to name a few!


By Eric Sandoval